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     Sales     [2012-5-23 15:34:43]
    Place:  Shenzhen Province
    Salary:  Negotiable
    Number:  15
    Sex:  Female
    Age:  20-35
    Condition:  Work rigorous, of integrity, decency, strong affinity, strong ability of understanding and communication
    Job Description:

    College degree or equivalent or above, foreign trade English, business English related major is preferred; 

    English CET4 test above, good listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

    B2B platform operation experience is preferred, can be familiar with the product as soon as possible, 

    have good communication skills. Company is the main platform alibaba international standing, the exhibition. 

    There are electronic digital products and other related products overseas sales experience is preferred. 

    Treat serious and responsible work, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the good team cooperation spirit.

     Certificate is not necessarily the most important, ability is the most important. 

    Company currently has 15 foreign trade business, 10 domestic trade business, ,

    base salary - 8 k + 2 k performance fee (commission on uncapped) Five and a half days system Work 7 hours a day in the morning 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:00